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Catholic Youth Athletic Association

C.Y.A.A. HANDBOOK (Part 1) 2016-17

    C.Y.A.A. Advisory Board
    C.Y.A.A. Philosophy/Code of Conduct
    C.Y.A.A. Roles & Duties
    Basic First Aid & CPR
    Volleyball Rules for Girls Competition
    Flag Football Rules Supplement for Boys Competition
    Softball Rules for Girls Competition
    Basketball Rules Supplement for Boys & Girls Competition
    Baseball Rules Supplement for Boys Competition
    Home Field of C.Y.A.A. Schools

C.Y.A.A. CALENDAR 2016-2017

C.Y.A.A. Handbook Part 2 (Appendices) 2016-2017

   File contains the following forms:

    A.      Sample C.Y.A.A. Sports Permission Form
    B.      Driver Information Form
    B.2    Transportation Procedures
    B.3a  Transportation Consent Form
    C.      Emergency Form
    D.      Sample Accident/Injury Report
    E.      Coaches Sign-Off
    F.      C.Y.A.A. Incident Report
    F.1    C.Y.A.A. Issues & Concerns
    G.      Sample Grade Report
    H.      Sample Parent/Student Sign-Off
    I.        Sample Consent for Emergency Care
    J.       Sample Athletic Medical Authorization
    K.      Sample Volunteer Application Form
    L.      Sample Volunteer Information Form
    M.      Tournament Participation Form
    M.1    C.Y.A. A Tournament Withdrawal
    N.      Tournament Site Form
    O.      Tournament Pitching Record
    P.      Football Rulings on Violations & Penalities 


C.Y.A.A  Cross Country Championship Website


C.Y.A.A. Handbook Part 3 (FORMS) 2016-2017

  File contains the following forms:

    Membership Contract
    Registration Forms Fall Sports
    Registration Forms Winter Sports
    Registration Forms Spring Sports
    Fall Tournament Registration Forms
    Winter Tournament Registration Forms
    Spring Tournament Registration Forms

  Sports Roster Forms
    5 + 6 Girls
    7 + 8 Girls
    5 + 6 Boys
    7 + 8 Boys

  Tournament Roster Forms
    7 + 8 Girls
    7 + 8 Boys
    Principal Sign-Off Form
    Sanction Form